The ACC provides programs and services to child victims and their non-offending caregivers. We serve children ages 3 – 17 years of age, their siblings and family. Our services are free to child victims.

Our therapists are specially trained in TF-CBT (trauma focused – cognitive behavioral therapy). This is a research-based therapy shown to help children, teens and their parents cope with trauma. TF-CBT has proved successful with children and adolescents who have significant emotional problems (e.g., symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, anxiety or depression) related to traumatic life events. TF-CBT can help reduce the child’s symptoms or behaviors and increase their ability to cope with childhood trauma. The ACC uses trauma focused therapy as a tool to reduce symptoms of trauma, increase coping skills, increase stability in the home, and decrease behaviors at school.

The ACC is a service organization that works with children who have suffered trauma and/or abuse. We believe that only by helping a child to heal will we help that child be successful in life.

The estimated average lifetime cost per victim of child abuse is $210,000, including $33,000 in childhood health care costs, $11,000 in adult medical costs, $144,000 in productivity losses, $8,000 in child welfare costs, $7,000 in criminal justice costs, and $7,000 in special education costs (per a study by the CDC). Imagine what we could do with that money.

TF-CBT is a therapy that takes place over a period of 8-15 weeks (longer if it is complex trauma). This therapeutic approach helps us to not only help the child but also society by reducing the costs of childhood trauma.

With your help and support we can help our children heal. Children can learn to manage the behaviors that are triggered as a result of their abuse. Children can learn to sit still longer in classes, listen more closely, do their homework, or have fewer disruptions at home or in the community. The therapy we use is proven to work. With your help we can guide children to make a change.